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A different perspective


Point Prod works with filmmakers, writers and independent journalists to tackle issues that are likely to move or raise the awareness of the general public. We focus on sensitive issues requiring time and research, as well as sound and image experience. Our documentaries provide an alternative view of the world, whether they offer viewers the chance to immerse themselves, follow an investigation or simply escape for a while.


We offer a range of documentary formats. We make feature-length documentaries for cinema and TV, developing a unique perspective on a hard-hitting issue. Our TV documentaries provide the background for a social issue or investigation, combining a filmmaker’s eye with journalistic writing. Documentary series immerse viewers over a long period of time in order to recreate human adventures in several episodes.


The issue must be of universal interest, irrespective of whether it is happening in Switzerland or abroad. Some fundamentally Swiss issues have a global impact. Point Prod consequently works with international broadcasters and partners.