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We make drama for TV and the cinema and bespoke audiovisual productions aimed at diverse and specific audiences. Irrespective of whether our drama is aimed at a wide audience or a demanding niche market, we support and develop writers with strong and distinctive creative identities. Each series and each feature film is a unique challenge bringing together people with special talents.

Choosing the best channel of communication

We showcase our expertise on all types of screen. Our original content is aimed at TV viewers, cinemagoers and social media users. We aim for our dramas to stand out because of their striking creative universes and the range of formats offered: drama series, feature-length and short films, and TV films.

Artistic production

Point Prod produces independent audiovisual content and makes it available to Swiss and European distributors and broadcasters. Our work revolves around bringing together skills to support and convey ideas in strong audiovisual productions. We support the development of a project at every stage, from scriptwriting to pre-production, film-making and post-production in order to guarantee that each film has a coherent and unique production value.


Head - Jean-Marc Fröhle

+41 22 596 45 55

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International reach

Our drama is sometimes rooted in local reality but is also suitable for broadcasting and adapting to the international market. Most of our films and drama series lend themselves to European co-production. Our aim is to forge strong partnerships in order to develop content for European broadcasters.