Pilar Anguita-Mackay

Original version
French, colour.

TV serie
8 x 42 min.


Point Prod,

RTS - Radio Télévision Suisse


Jean-Marc Fröhle


Françoise Mayor


Darran Bragg


Nicolas Hislaire, Kevin Schlosser


Eric Ghersinu


Nicolas Julliard


Anomalia is a series that I feel strongly about for a number of reasons. Based on a dense and original universe, the series features vivid characters in a neuro- logical clinic located in the heart of the Gruyère region. Having been born and raised in Fribourg, I am very fond of this region and its legends – including the healers, who are as intriguing today as they ever were, and who unite the generations in the mystery of the Secret. Anomalia appropriates this captivating theme by trans- forming it into a ctional narrative with fantasy elements. This has resulted in a fantasy narrative that is both emo- tionally charged and very human, and that alternates between thrills and wonder: a magni cent story that asks questions about the origins of faith. Over the course of the series, its protagonist, Valérie Rossier, embarks on a quest to discover her identity. The visible and invisible confront each other in silence, in an enchanting Gruyère-region winter setting, whose snow, which looks so pure at rst glance, hides darker secrets than anyone could ever have imagined.